This policy in a nutshell: Keep all chapters of a story in one page, but in a well-organized fashion. Don't edit other user's pages without permission. "Keep it clean", both language-wise and image-wise. Always add the {{Fanon}} template to Fanon pages. If page is in progress/under construction, also add the {{Inprogress}} template. If a page is finished, use the {{Finished}} template.


General guidelines to follow throughout the wiki:

  • Pages should be divided into sections with appropriate headings, such as chapters for stories, or sections such as Quotes, Services, etc. for a new NPC.
  • Different chapters of the same story should be kept on the same page, so as to lessen reading difficulty.
  • Pages should be categorized appropriately, according to their content. Possible Categories:
  • Please refrain from editing other user's pages, if you do wish to edit a page, you must contact the author (Whose name can be found in the {{Fanon}} template near the top of each page) and ask for permission.
  • Inappropriate language will not be tolerated; pages featuring it will be deleted, and users who are repeatedly found to be using it will be subject to a block.
  • Please only upload images that are appropriate to be posted on the wiki or are relevant to a page. Pictures featuring nude scenes should not be posted, whether mild or extreme; if they are, they will be deleted and the user who uploaded them, warned.


  • If you create a page, please don't forget to add the Fanon template to the top of the page. The {{Fanon}} template supports co-op attribution.
    Syntax for usage: {{Fanon|Your Username}}
  • If a page is unfinished, or subject to regular change, please also add the Inprogress template.
    Syntax for usage: {{Inprogress}}
  • If a page is finished, or unlikely to be changed at any stage in the near-future, please add the {{Finished}} template in place of the {{Inprogress}} template.
    Syntax for usage: {{Finished}}
  • If the contents of a page have been featured on another site, but have been legally obtained for posting here on the Fanon Wiki, then the {{Plagiarism}} template should be featured near the top. There are two different formats of this template, as detailed below.
    Syntax for usage: {{Plagiarism}} and